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What is EyeMax Mono?

A unique innovation for your dry AMD and cataracts

  • Sharpens vision and reduces blur in patients with central vision loss
  • May improve reading ability
  • Has the potential to make everyday tasks more manageable

Unique lens shape

Optimizes image quality and reduces blur. Foldable, injectable, soft hydrophobic lens


Significantly improves visual acuity and reading functions in patients with dry AMD helping them to make everyday tasks more manageable

Standard techniques

EyeMax Mono is implanted using well-established standard techniques

Minimal intra or post-operative complications

Consistent with standard cataract surgery

Medical Advisory Board


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Frequently asked questions

Dry AMD affects an area at the back of your eye called the macula.

The macula is important for your central vision. This allows you to see shapes and colours clearly, and to read, drive, and see faces.

  • Dry AMD is characterized by damage to the macula
  • This damage results in dark patches or blind spots
  • As you get older the condition can become worse
  • The unique design of EyeMax Mono helps you to naturally use the healthier areas of the macula to see more clearly.
  • It does this by reducing the blurriness and making a sharper image.


EyeMax Mono is inserted into your eye using a standard procedure

  • The procedure is common and the same as that used for removing a cataract and inserting a classical lens
  • A small opening will be made to remove your natural lens and replace it with EyeMax Mono
  • A local anaesthetic will be used
  • You can expect to have the procedure and go home the same day

Your eye should recover from surgery in a few days to weeks. Eye drops may be given to you to use while your eye heals.

Your prescription and the way you use your glasses may change after EyeMax Mono is implanted. Your eye specialist will discuss with you if you will need to use glasses after the procedure. You may need to start using glasses even if you do not use them now.

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