About Us

SharpView Ophthalmology is a pioneering medical technology company in the field of ocular implants for ophthalmic disorders. By looking beyond boundaries and thinking differently about vision, we are creating solutions for some of the world’s most challenging eye conditions.

Our leading product, EyeMax Mono™ uses innovative lens technology and is marketed internationally as a solution for dry AMD and cataract. Dry AMD is a condition with a global prevalence of 196 million, and currently no cure.

EyeMax Mono™ is the only intraocular lens (IOL) specifically designed for patients with dry AMD. The ground-breaking technology behind EyeMax Mono™ allows people with dry AMD to make better use of functioning areas of the macula not as severely affected by the disease and improve their vision.

We challenge ourselves to think differently about vision today, so patients can enjoy better vision tomorrow.

Sharpview Ophthalmology B.V.
Sprangseweg 13
5144 NV Waalwijk

The Netherlands

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