Medical Advisory Board

🚀 EYEMAX MONO Medical Advisory Board

We are honored to officially introduce the EYEMAX MONO MAB. It is a great pride for us to have a team of top-level professionals who are eminent within the international ophthalmology community.
Deputy Medical Director and Coordinator at Oftalvist Group (Spain). Responsible for the Corneal Conservation Department of the Eye Bank for treatments of blindness. He has received various awards and distinctions at a national and international level, among which the ‘Award for Best Presentation of the Session’ stands out at the American Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgery (ASCRS), in San Francisco (United States), at the year 2003.
Former director of the ophthalmology department at the Pordenone Public Hospital (Italy). Ophthalmologist at the Garofalo Eye-Clinics Network and other Italian Clinics. As chief of the ophthalmologist department of the Pordenone hospital till 2021, Dr. Patrizia Busatto directed a team of eye doctors across three hospitals. She extended her professional experiences with time periods spent in British and Brazilian hospitals, and volunteered multiple times in Asia and Africa. Dr. Busatto published several international papers and presented in many international ophthalmology events.
Deputy Medical Director and Coordinator of the Retina and Vitreous area at Oftalvist Group (Spain). First surgeon in the world to rehabilitate a patient with deafblindness, caused by Usher syndrome. Currently, Nadal continues to participate in the evolution of this field and is co-director of the HOPE (High Optical Resolution Pixel Electrodes Retinal Implant) artificial vision project, as well as principal investigator of the international i-VISION project.

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